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Fantastic choice of frames

All types of work are undertaken.

All moulding is cut using Morso guillotine, which ensures smooth 45-degree cuts. All mounts are cut by hand using Keencut mount cutter, with many different and innovative styles. All backboards, glass and external size of mountboard cut on Keencut panel cutter.

The workshop has the ability to mount and laminate artwork via two different machines.

1) Pressure sensitive rollers. These can handle materials up to 670mm wide and 10mm thick, including white display board, foam, board MDF or rigid PVC board. The most common use for this machine in our workshop is for mounting and laminating photographs that could otherwise be affected by heat.

2) Hot Glass Vacuum Press. Embedded conductive film on glass plate is heated by passing a controlled electric current, sensors on the glass monitor and control the temperature resulting in an even distribution of heat assuring the ultimate in mounting and laminating performance. Simultaneously during the process a vacuum is pulled within the press, which pulls artwork, flat and it minimises even heavy creases and wrinkles. This process is invaluable when framing large posters and inexpensive artwork as it ensures that they will stay flat.

Laminating is used instead of glass to protect or enhance the image surface. Main areas of use are for humid conditions that would otherwise cause condensation behind glass. Where safety is a concern i.e. schools, nurseries, care homes etc or where the physical weight of glass prohibits its use.

If the artwork were of sentimental value, of monetary value or a limited edition it would not be mounted in this workshop by the two methods above, as these are irreversible procedures. Instead it would attach using the appropriate method.

In most cases the final assembly of artwork is sandwiched together and sealed to keep out dust and impurities. Once secured in frame the back is then sealed again to keep out dust and impurities.

Currently there are over 150 moulding samples on display, (all wooden) with further selection available via suppliers catalogue.

Mount board
Currently two different types of mountboard are used.

Daler Rowney White Core - recommended usage; Commended, Budget and minimum levels of framing.

Nielsen Bainbridge Artcare - recommended usage;
all of the above plus conservation framing.

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Hot Glass Vacuum Press